When an organization discovers wrongdoing, whether the incident involves a serious breach of (business) ethics, criminal behavior or regulatory misconduct, first and foremost it needs to understand what happened by gathering the facts.

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Forensic Investigations

A forensic investigation offers insight in all relevant facts and circumstances of a case as well as insight in the parties involved and the roles they played. Forensic investigations are not only used to support litigation procedures, but also to investigate fraud or theft and to reconstruct incidents or decision making processes.

The importance of a thorough investigation is much more than finding the facts of an incident and providing an overview of the damage. An investigation also provides information that enables the organization and the people involved to understand and accept what happened so they can work on durable improvements to restore trust and prevent future incidents.

The investigative process is just as important as the facts of the case. IS}F uses scientific principles, procedures and technology to scope the investigation, conduct investigative activities and report on actions and findings. A solid investigative process leads to solid and undisputable facts.

IS}F offers a full range of forensic services and investigations, including Forensic IT Services. IS}F conducts investigations confidentially, thoroughly and with respect for the interests of all parties involved.


Forensic IT Services

Digital data is everywhere. Society relies on digital information. Most data is only available in digital form and datasets are growing rapidly in size.

IS}F is able to secure, retrieve, select, search, authenticate and analyze data.

IS}F works with specialist software Forensic Tool Kit 6.0.2 and has access to specialist techniques some of which are developed in-house. IS}F combines knowledge and experience from a wide variety of intelligence and investigative branches with detailed knowledge of ICT-systems.

Tracks Inspector

Digital forensics for non-technical investigators.

Smartphones, tablets and computers routinely contain evidence related to common crimes, from theft to homicide. Digital forensics laboratories are overwhelmed, while investigators sometimes must wait months for critical digital evidence to be processed.

Tracks Inspector solves this problem. Tracks Inspector offers an intuitive, web-based solution that puts digital investigations into the hands of detectives. It allows investigators to conduct an early case assessment and identify the data and devices relevant to the case, in order to enable the forensic specialists to conduct a targeted forensic analysis. Ultimately, this allows investigators to solve more cases faster while easing High Tech Crime Unit’s (HTCU) backlogs.

For more information on Tracks Inspector see or contact IS}F.