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An organization that invests in transparent relationships with its internal and external stakeholders and has clear and shared responsibilities, expectations and goals, invests in its added value and quality. In short, organizations that treat integrity as a business issue, build lasting relations and create more value.

Integrity ManagementDue DilligenceHuman Profiling®
Integrity Management

Integrity, business ethics and reputation are interlinked. Cases of unethical behavior and doubts about the integrity of an organization, immediately put its reputation at stake. Although the direct financial costs resulting from integrity damage like legal fees, regulatory fines and loss of business can be significant, the real and long lasting damage is done to reputations. Developing and implementing an integrity policy directs and encourages ethical conduct and reduces the risk of reputational damage.

A resilient integrity policy provides a solid basis to meet changing social and legal requirements. The guidelines for good corporate governance and strict rules of compliance, are not only a growing burden for control systems in many organizations, they are also a sign that organizations are increasingly held accountable. Modern organizations answer to shareholders, but also to government institutions, non-governmental stakeholders and society in general.

Constantly responding to integrity issues is of great importance for all organizations, regardless of the sector or industry in which they operate. This means that organizations have to be active on all levels and in all areas of their operation and focus on both business processes and corporate culture.

The professionals of IS}F can assist you in developing, implementing and/or reviewing:

Ethics program (Code of Conduct and staff training);
Anti-corruption compliance systems (including anti-money laundry controls);
Whistle-blower program.

Due Dilligence

Thorough and in-depth knowledge of each other is the basis for a durable business relationship. In every business transaction – whether you are a buyer, seller or an employer – it is important to examine who your business partners are. Who is the final customer or seller, what do they stand for and do they pose a potential risk to my business or my reputation? Can I trust this employee with company assets? Do I know everything there is to know about the subject of the business transaction?

In today’s global economy a positive personal experience, a recommendation by a trusted party or a standard database reference check offer insufficient guarantees. A diligent screening of employees and business partners is a vital element in a compliance program and is in some cases required by regulatory authorities.

Covering both organizations and individuals IS}F specialists have extensive experience in supporting decision-making by providing clients with the right information about companies, directors, organizations, etc. Our due diligence reports is are in depth, factual and clear.

Human Profiling®

Human Profiling® is an holistic approach to in-person communication that combines asking the right questions at the right moment, listening to the verbal reaction of the other and methodically perceiving and “translating” the micro- and macro expressions of the other.

Applied properly, Human Profiling® will significantly increase the quality of in-person communication and will lead to more complete and more reliable information as a basis for decision making, because:

You are able to establish the integrity of the other by establishing true intentions;
You are able to assess if the other is consciously lying or withholding information;
You are able to generate more information in a shorter period of time.

IS}F can offer you Human Profiling® as:

An inspirational workshop, where you experience Human Profiling in a practical and interactive way. This workshop is tailored to the characteristics and needs of your organization.

An interactive training of 15 hours in a 2 or 3 day format. During the training you will learn to apply Human Profiling® in your daily profession. This training is the stepping stone to becoming a Registered Certified Integrity Specialist (CIS®).

A CIS Register Training to get admission to the CIS Register. Admission to the CIS Register gives you the right to carry the internationally recognized title CIS. The CIS register is managed by the independent Institute Q-SIS (Quality – Sustainability in human Integrity & Security). You will receive the CIS title after successfully submitting an examination and completing three monitored interviews in your working environment in which you have demonstrated your Human Profiling® skills.

For more information on Human Profiling® see or contact IS}F.