Security impacts business directly and should be managed as a business issue.  Security is only a cost center when security activities are ineffective and the security operation is inefficient. Modern Security Risk Management creates a competitive advantage and adds value!

Security Risk ManagementTravel Strategy and Management
Security Risk Management

The basis of an effective an efficient security plan is a thorough risk assessment. The risk assessment makes an inventory of the assets (people, reputation, intellectual property, and physical assets) that need protecting and the risks and threats to those assets. Then the likelihood and the potential impact of security incidents is analyzed.

Based on the risk assessment, strategies and policies can be created and implemented to reduce the likelihood of incidents (preventive measures) and to reduce the potential impact of incidents (corrective measures).

Having implemented a security plan doesn’t mean your organization is secure. Risk assessment and developing effective and efficient preventive and corrective measures is a continuous cycle of checking, reviewing and adjusting.

The specialists of IS}F have a background in military, accountancy, law enforcement, business consultancy, security services and intelligence and can assist your organization in every step of this process. They can act as an outside consultant to perform audits or benchmarks, or they can act as embedded security managers in your organization.

Security principles:

Security is a boardroom issue;
It is not about the security situation, but about how the security situation impacts your business;
The IS}F approach is fact based and risk driven;
Security incidents destroy reputations, so do ineffective, intrusive and aggressive security measures;
Security measures need to be as low as reasonably possible (ALARP);
An employer has a duty of care, an employee a duty of loyalty.


Travel Strategy and Management

In today’s international business climate it’s the large multinationals as well as the small to medium size businesses that operate in the global market. This is why companies send representatives to all corners of the world to explore new markets and to expand existing operations. Undoubtedly all representatives are experienced and well-travelled. Unfortunately  the possibility of them becoming involved in incidents related to organized crime, natural disasters, social tensions, traffic accidents, or terrorism is very real. Those incidents have a huge impact on the individuals and their families, colleagues and last but not least to the company.

Developing and Implementing a tailor made Travel Management Concept substance to the duty of care every employer has. It will improve the security of all your frequent travellers and will increase awareness and understanding of travel issues, both on executive and board room levels. The concept focuses on preparation of the traveller, detailed monitoring of the trips and locations of travellers and on making sure your Crisis Management team works effectively and efficiently if an incident occurs.

For more information on Travel Strategy and Management see or contact IS}F, a Proximities Global Connect Partner.