Our International Network

On an international level IS}F forms a partnership with:

“Risk Solutions Caribbean (RS}C)”


Caribbean Risk Solutions (RS}C) is located on Curaçao and services the entire Caribbean Region. RS}C has both governments and companies as its clients. The RS}C team is versatile and experienced in conducting investigations into organizations and individuals. The Caribbean Region is characterized by a multitude of small communities, so besides maintaining the highest professional standards, discretion and confidentiality are core values of RS}C.

For more information www.rs-caribbean.com

“IR}S Forensic Investigations & Integrity Services B.V.”

Located in the Rotterdam area in the Netherlands, IR}S services both government and private sector clients in Europe. The IR}S specialists have over 25 years of experience in investigating fraud cases and integrity issues. IR}S offers a full range of forensic services, including forensic IT investigations. The integral IR}S-approach provides the basis for integrity, trust, continuity and security within organizations. The IR}S specialists act in the honest belief that ethical organizations are more durable and create more value.

For more information www.irsnl.com